2nd Thief Ministries


President & CEO                 "Preacher"      preacher.2ndthief@gmail.com
EUSA Coordinator                "Plum Crazy"    plumcrazy2tmm@gmail.com
WUSA Coordinator                "Defender"      2ndthiefdefender@gmail.com

State   Chapter Name            Coordinator           Email
VA 1  HQ Natnl Chapter          "Preacher"      preacher.2ndthief@gmail.com
VA 2  Shenandoah Valley         "Pastor G"      pastorg2010@gmail.com
VA 3  Fredericksburg Area       "Brother B"     bmb7096@gmail.com
VA 4  Richmond Area             "Tinker"  
GA                         "Toad"         centipedefarm@yahoo.com
IL   Heartland Chapter          "Opie"         opie.2ndthief@gmail.com
NC   New Bern Chapter           "Midnite"       cjenkins111@yahoo.com 
KS                         "Too Tall"      randall_custer@hotmail.com
AK   Little Rock Chapter        "Plum Crazy"    plumcrazy2tmm@gmail.com
MI   New Beginnings Chapter     "sally forth"          
MO   Military Services Chapter  "Defender"      2ndthiefdefender@gmail.com  (At Large)
OH   Hocking Hills Chapter      "Redneck"       redneck2tmm@gmail.com
OK                              "Shepard"       jmarmy@yahoo.com
PA   PittsburgH Chapter         "Spider"        2ndthiefspider@gmail.com
OR   Pacific North West Chapter "Defender"      2ndthiefdefender@gmail.com 
TN   Tennesee Chapter           "Warrior"       warrior.2ndthief@gmail.com
WV 1 Eastern Panhandle          "Rain Man" rainman.2ndthief@gmail.com
WV 2 Wheeling Area              "Happy"         jlabster@yahoo.co

President & CEO                 "Preacher"      preacher.2ndthief@gmail.com
2nd Thief Leadership
Position Officer             Email
Chief Executive Officer "Defender"       2ndthiefdefender@gmail.com 
Executive Officer      "PlumCrazy"      plumcrazy2tmm@gmail.com    
West Region Director          "PlumCrazy"     plumcrazy2tmm@gmail.com
East Region Director "Happy" jlabster@yahoo.com
Rough Riders Branch Lead "Shepherd" jmarmy@yahoo.com
(The boundary between the East and West Regions is the Mississippi River)
CEO Emeritus "Preacher"       preacher.2ndthief@gmail.com

East USA Region
State    Chapter Name          Coordinator    Email
IL     Heartland     "Opie"         opie.2ndthief@gmail.com
MO  Military Services "Defender"       2ndthiefdefender@gmail.com
NC   New Bern         "Midnite"        cjenkins111@yahoo.com 
OH  Hocking Hills "Redneck"        redneck2tmm@gmail.com
PA   Pittsburgh "Spider"         2ndthiefspider@gmail.com
TN   Tennessee Chapter "Warrior"        warrior.2ndthief@gmail.com
VA 1 NOVA    Open      
VA 2 Shenandoah Valley "Pastor G"       pastorg2010@gmail.com
VA 3 Fredericksburg Area  "Brother B"      bmb7096@gmail.com
VA 4 Richmond Area          "Tinker"   1955tinker@gmail.com
WV 1  Eastern Panhandle "Rain Man" rainman.2ndthief@gmail.com
WV 2  Wheeling Area           "Happy"          jlabster@yahoo.com

West USA Region
State Chapter Name Coordinator Email
AL Rocket City "Plum Crazy" plumcrazy2tmm@gmail.com
AR    Little Rock Area  "Plum Crazy" plumcrazy2tmm@gmail.com
KS   Kansas "Too Tall"      randall_custer@hotmail.com
MI   New Beginnings Chapter     "sally forth"          
MI  New Beginnings "Sally Forth"
OK    OK Panhandle "Shepherd"        jmarmy@yahoo.com
OR   Pacific Northwest "Defender"      2ndthiefdefender@gmail.com
TX Houston Area "Defender" 2ndthiefdefender@gmail.com
WY Cowboy State "Preacher" preacher.2ndthief@gmail.com